Alpine Ski Transfers – Resort Transfer Information


The first transfers I did were from Val d’ Isere to Geneva, back in the winter of 1984. This was before the TGV and the speedy motorways we enjoy today. Overland coaches from throughout Europe joined the traffic heading into the alps creating chaos on a weekly basis.

Thankfully those days are over, although the old roads are still useful alternatives to waiting in traffic sometimes.

The Winter Olympics of 1992 brought better access and facilities into ski areas which were previously unknown.

More flights, accommodation and choice in holiday destinations.

The 3 Valley ski area encompasses many resorts of various sizes and different identity, each valley having it‘s own access by road. This has created an enormous ski area, interlinking the valleys and resorts with a web of lifts and a multitude of options for skiers of different abilities.

If you’re planning a ski trip to the Meribel or Courchevel ski areas and are interested in easy, trouble free transfers just complete the enquiry page for availability and a realistic price.